About Us

Over 25 years in manufacturing and service repair.

We can fix any window or door problems.

Air and Water Infiltration Problems
We are equipped with technology that allows us to see air and water leaking problems. We can also detect wood rot in your door and window frames within seconds as well as spot any leaks or voids.
Our equipment exceeds RESNET Government standards for building inspection.
We are also able to do before and after energy analysis.
We're able to replace any part of your door or window without having to remove or cut holes in your wall.

Operational Problems
We can fix any operational problems with your door or window.
When we're done fixing your product, we'll also educate you on proper operation and maintenance so you can extend the life of your window or door.

Glass Replacement, Seal Replacement
We have tools to test your glass for premature failure and to analyze the thickness and size of your glass.

Selling or Buying a home?
We offer inspection and testing services at reasonable rates. Don't get stuck with windows or doors that can fail within a year or two.

Make an appointment or schedule an evaluation today! Your doors and windows will thank you!